Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tomorrow is the day that Julia and I head into Childrens-Boston for her hepatology (liver) clinic appt. Think we maybe starting her treatments for Hep C tomorrow. I will be learning more about Hep C, the meds she will be on, side effects, and how to give her the injections. We have been fortunate that Frank got some contracting work not far from home, so he will be here in the morning to help me hold her down, as I'm sure Julia will freak. If the injections need to be timed, I will have to get help to hold her down, won't be safe to do this alone, for her or me. I have all ready read alot about Hep c from a really informative book I borrowed from the library. I will get further teaching tomorrow from Julias Dr, who alos happens to be the director of the Hepatology clinic, she was very nice to us. It just sucks that Julia has to go through this, as no fault of her own. Last night Frnk and I were laughing on our reminiscing of our trip to Ukraine last summer. Have alot of good memories, even Ashley and Matt have good memories, and they ask for Angelina (translator/adoption worker) Natasha and Vadeem (wife-husband driver team in Kharkov), Olga (Facilatator), and Vadeem (Kyiv driver) Matt tells us frequently that he is going back to Ukraine to see them, and he's going to the apt we stayed in while in Kharkov, and he's going to the restaurant near the apt for Salmon. One comment Olga said while we were all walking the streets of Kyiv, that "Matt was making history freely walking the streets of Kyiv, one never sees a child wth DS out for a walk, and not just a child being adopted" Sure, being alone there for 10 days after Frank and the kids left was hard, not scary though. Hard to belive 5.5 monthes ago we were in Kharkov, 2 days away from court date, and Julia was just hanging in the orphanage. Now I have to get her off to school, she really has done a 180 degree turn.

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  1. Hello. I also have Hepatitis C and I will keep Julia in my prayers. How old is she? Kids sometimes do much better on treatment than adults. I am sure a lot of other "hep mothers" will be interested in how the treatment is going for Julia so I do hope that you post updates as you can.
    Some sites you might find interesting are: