Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I was recently looking at Special Olympics for Matt, but athletes have to be 8 to start. I saw all of these countries listed, and noticed Ukraine was on the Special Olympics list, so I clicked on it, was written in Ukrainian or Russian, but had some very nice pics of ahtletes with medals around the necks, athletes and "typical" folks together smiling, they are listed as being in Kyiv, with numerous people to contact. Ireally don't understand how there could be special olympics there, as folks with disabilities are locked away in mental instituations, the horror for those people and children, or if they are living at home, aren't seen. I met a woman in Ukraine, whose friend has a child with DS, lives at home, but never goes out anywhere, what a life. I guess, at least the child isn't in an orphanage or a mental institution. Even though Julia left her orphanage nearly 8 monthes ago, and stepped into the real world, I think somedays she is still amazed at what she sees. I can't believe that we have been home nearly 8 monthes, when I think about the trip and process, it's still so fresh in my mind. If I'm in the grocery store, and see "Presidente cheese" I think of Kharkov, as we ate alot of Presidente yougurt, reminds me of being at the grocery store there, and seeing that brand of cheese amongs the 500 differant types of cheese, I didn't even know existed. If I ever, which I know I will never, drive there, I bet I could still get around the city of Kharkov, Ukraine and know where I would be going. Unreal, how one place could have such an impact on our lives, all I have to do is look at Julia and the memories come back. I met a very nice woman from Texas there, and her beautiful teen daughter she and her husband were adopting from there as well, she is so nice, and is heading back for another beautiful teen daughter, Rhonda, if you read this, you're amazing. I think of her usually every end of the month, as we met in Kyiv, at the American Embassy, and that lousy Dr office. Guess I'm a little nostalgic today, guess it's near the end of the month, marking Julias 8 month here and how much she has accomplished. Her hair has tripled in length, grew 4" gained 5 lbs, don't think the orphanage would even recognize her now.

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