Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last friday I spoke with the Dr regarding Julias EEG results, no seizure activity seen, but abnormalities were. She was diagnosed with Encephalopathy of non specific origin" basically, a brain disorder but don't know what type it is, or when this started or what happened. the Dr called Neuro dept at childrens, and she will see Neuro sooner than later. Luckily, we can go to the closer satellite to see this Dr. Funny, I called about getting Julia in, "Dr C is booked for about 6 monthes, and the Dr that ordered the EEG got us in 2 monthes. I figure, no urgency to this appt as she is just her funky self, except from 4p on today. Julia began her Hep C treatments, she was fine until about 4pm. The dry heaves, sure there was nausea even though she can't say, had 3 large bouts of diarrhea, shaking, chills, fever, went to 102.9, Her skin is mottled, like a lacy doiley, the lacy parts are usually light pink, they turned purple, her hands were darker than usual. Now she is sleeping, and her fever has come down a little. I feel so bad for her, the med combo is so strong, and her getting this nasty virus is no fault of hers, but she has to suffer through it for the next 6 monthes of treatment, labs will tell. The Dr's here feel that she most likely got this through a dirty needle, but we will never know how or where, can only try to eradicate this from her system. Hope she can sleep easily through the night and not get sick. Ashley and Matt are doing great, and very sympathetic to their little sister.

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  1. I was so happy to hear from you Katie. I have actually been following your blog as often as time permits. Lena and I actually talk about meeting you and Julia and I am so glad our paths were able to cross. Sounds like you have been extremely busy in the past 7 months. Will say a prayer that Julia is well soon. Rhonda