Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Right now, Ashley has her friend over, they became friends in kindergarten, and now they are 3rd graders, she also has DS. This was the first time she has stayed by herself, and doing great. she and Matt also know each other, as they are in the same school, and same summer program. She shows so much tolerance, and patience, unlike to her own siblings. Cute, to hear the girls laughing, and Ashley isn't freaked that Matt is playing with them too. She has a good 20 lbs over Matt and Ashley, and just fell on Matt while giving him a hug, oh man, Matt is yelling off now, can't breathe. Maybe the 3 banshies can relax and watch Hannah Montana before mom comes back to get her. Speaking of banshies, Julia threw a big tantrum at school, with a blood curdling scream, it was raining out and she couldn't go outside. A few teachers even looked out of their rooms to see if all was well. Oh well, can't always get what you want. Julia is such a toddler, even though she is 7. At the moment she is laughing and spinning, than falls to the floor. Her Hep c treatments are going ok, she varies with side effects. Today she had her blood drawn, every 2 wks, did ok with it. Per Hepatology (liver) Dr, she felt that we should consult with endocrinology regarding Julias TSH, (thyroid stimulating hormone), as the level has gone from 3.88 last Oct, normal to 8.77, the high end of the lab ratio is 5.7, so it's a little on the high side. See what the Dr has to say after the E mail I sent to her. I bought some supplies for the Reeces Rainbow vendor table at the Massachusetts DS Congress conference this coming saturday. I'm usually a registered participant, but this year, I felt it's the right thing to do.

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