Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just heard from the Ortho Dr office, Mattys c spine x rays haven't changed, stay on head, neck, shoulder precautions. this will be the 3-4 yr with these precautions in place. No trying to play hockey for him next season. Matt was hoping "if neck better better, maybe play hockey" Not. We were hoping that this would change for the better, staying the same is better than getting worse. Matt has been saying his stomach hurts, films also showed "moderate amount of retained stool" guess it's time for some miralax for him. Still waiting on Julias EEG results, maybe I'll have to call the Pedi, who can call the ordering Dr. Her Hep c treatments starts in 5 days. I'm not worried about giving her an injection of interfferon once a week, the liquid med 2x day will be easy, I read over the side effects, and it's a page long of possible ones. Maybe I shouldn't worry now, she's not on it yet. time for Katies school taxi service to start, gotta run.

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