Friday, March 26, 2010

Julia likes to spin a plastic tea cup on the kitchen floor, went to check on her, and whoa and behold she is sitting next to big puddle of reflux, lovely. got back Julias latest labs yesterday, out of whack. Her LFT's (liver function tests) are one has increased, while the other has decreased, WBC (white bllod cell count) is nearly at 0, knew this would happen with the med combo, platelets have dropped significantly as well, since she is at a higher risk of bleeding, bruising, and she still tumbles alot, trips over her own feet, balance is off, the norm for her. I felt I should tell school, as colds, strep, are going around. I know they are getting uptight about it, but if they see a kid sneezing, coughing, just go the other way. We have had the colds, sneezing, congestion come through the house, and she is the only one that didn't get it. right now I have bronchitis, coughing, sneezing, congestion, sinus infection, some fluid in my right ear, the kids have brought in 2 colds recently as they go to differant schools. Maybe she is able to fight off viruses easier than we are, and possibly being exposed to so many other viuses in Ukraine, her immune system is tougher, just a thought. i hope she stays healthy (as to be expected), but this morning she and I picked up a script for this crappy bronchitits, and she put her mouth on the edge of the CVS pharmacy counter, disgusting, I didn't see her do this, but the Tech did "oh Julia (sad, they know us first name basis) don't put your mouth on the counter! I nearly gagged, who knows how many microscopic critters were crawling around, nasty! Ashley had MCAS test in reading this week, she felt she did well. As we wished her good luck for MCAS, Matt "Ashley good luck for Comcast" Guess bi lateral mild hearing loss will have one hearing close to what you have said. It's ncie to be outside again, buds can be seen on trees, and our shrubs, can see tulip stems in the backyard, starting to see alot of buds on the Lilac and Hydrangeas too, nice.

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