Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last night I was going through Julias adoption papers that we received while in Ukraine. I was rummaging through them to find the Ukraine consulate office in NYC for the phone number. Anyway, I found the letters written by her parents, which I perceive as abandoning her to the care of the state-country. No, I don't know their circumstances, presume it was sicne Julia was born with DS. No one had ever seen her or visited her from her family, no one. I realize that having a child with Ds or another disability there is like a curse, no services, nothing. Matt, and now Julia are so fortunate to get the services, medical care, and education that they receive living where they do. I guess Julias ultra dark brown eyes are from her birth dad, he has no idea of what a beautiful daughter he is missing ourt on, his loss, but now she has a real dad, who loves her unconditionally, sees Julia, not just the kid with DS, he sees a child that has made significant strides sicne coming to the U.S. Get off my soapbox and get her ready for school. God Bless America.

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