Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I deceided to show Julia more pics of last summer at the orphanage, to see of more reactions would happen. I came across more pics of the orphanage, pics of her, the bldg where she lived, the donkey (yes, you heard right, that would wander the grounds, 2 of them to be exact), she didn't see anything, minimal emotion. Than came across pics of her groupa, the group of the kids she was with, and the caregivers. When she saw these pics, became so sad, her eyes were welled up with tears, didn't say anything, just stared, her chin started to quiver, and tears started down her cheeks. She wasn't aggitated like the previous post, maybe she really did have some kids that really liked, and hadn't thought of them until the pics I showed her. One awesome little boy with Ds, blond, blue eyes, who was also adopted by a great mom and now lives in Kansas, he was the whole pic, extreme close up, but she started to laugh when looking at him, so he must have made her laugh sometimes, we got a kick out of him too. Have to bring in the dog, she's barking her head off for about 4 mins, sweet thing, spoiled black lab mutt.

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