Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Julia has a new dental surgery date of July 23. Frank has that friday off from work, no worries about help. Julia has an appt at 3:15, June 24 at Childrens-Boston for the International Adoption/Developmental Dr, and it's alos the first day of the Extended School year at the Spec needs camp down the street. My friend has the day off, she will pick Matt up there, and hang out here with her daughter, Ashley, and Matt until Frank gets home. Matt will be so excited. This will be the first day that Julia will be at Camp nearly all day. Currently she goes to school 2.5 hrs in the afternoons. Camp is from 8:45-3p, they all ready have an aide for Julia. I presume that Matt will have the same aide as last summer. Julia will see the opthamologist fri, be interesting. It's either a brain-eye connection, but it seems to be getting worse, she is nearly walking into walls in the house,which is odd for her becasue she can navigate home pretty easily. I have to protect her and keep my arm around her shoulder to direct her as she will walk into almost anything when we're out, and that's with her head up, as she prefers to look at the ground when she walks. the first eye exam was a battle, think friday will be too as Julia does NOT like anyone to touch her face at all. Battle to wipe her nose, get her hair out of her mouth, clean her face, etc. Matt is doing well still fully included in his 2nd grade class, Ashley is doing great in 3rd grade. School is over next month. this school year flew by.

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