Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I just cancelled Julias OR dental appt. One of my wonderful friends, who is an RN was able to switch a day with one of her co workers, for Julias dental surgery and help us, as she was about to go speak with her boss, this co worker deseided she couldn't switch. Our parents can't help that day, I really don't think they want to help anyway. All they would have to do is give Matt lunch, help him pull up his shorts and undies if he had to go to the bathroom, and sit on your butt with a remote, or at the table in our yard. Frank can't take the day off, and I can't bring Matt into the OR waiting area, or the PACU. We basically have no help, my siblings work, I didn't bother to ask them, since they usually say no too. Our siblings couldn't even make it to Ashleys communion, why the hell would we ask them for help anymore. I have to stop being so nice to my family, help them, it usually comes around to bite me in the ass when I need help. I have been in contact with the OR coodianator at Childrens to get Julias teeth done, and I'm sitting here in tears because her teeth suck, rotten, decatying, cavities in every molar, and had to cancel when all was in place for next week. I guess I'm just jeolous of some of my friends that have kids with DS and other special needs, who have families that help when they really need it, and that not in our case. I know our kids are our responsibility. Off my soap box. Have to bring one of our very old cats to the vet today, as I couldn't find her the other day for the previous appt and she is an indoor cat. She's about 20, so I was hoping she wasn't dead under a bed somewhere. Brought the other 14 yrs old cat last week, he has slight elevated liver and cardiac issuesnow. At least the 7 yr old awesome black lab mutt is very healthy. Beautiful, Julia just refuxed a huge puddle on the rug, go clean it, wipe the tears, and move on.


  1. Hi Katie,
    I'm sorry to hear that your family is unwilling to help. I have the same siutation with mine.:( I will be praying that Julia's appointment will get rescheduled soon. Bless her heart, it will be nice to have her teeth fixed.

  2. we dont have any help or support either. I kknow the feelings. hang in there. hugs.