Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Julias dental Or appt is still in the works. My mom and Franks folks can't help watch Matt for a few hrs, until our friend can get Ashley off the bus. Matt doesn't take the bus (as of now) so the parents can't pick him up, it's so easy to get from school to home, nearly a straight shot, about 7 mins. So a great friend of ours is an RN, and she has offered to try to switch with someone at her job, she will get Matt at school, and get here to get Ashley and her daughter off the bus, stay here until Frank gets home from work. She and her husband were so supportive to Frank last summer while I was in Ukraine tying up the loose ends. She really went out of her way, and I will always truly appreciate her kindness, our kids really like her alot, especially Matt. Otherwise I would have to cancel Julias Or appt, as I can't bring Matt into the PACU. Julias language skills seem to have really developed alot this past week, she says alot more words, as well as she can say them, and is following directions in English very well lately, Look at the time, time always flies while on the computer, she needs to get to school.

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