Thursday, May 13, 2010

Julia has her dental OR date for June 1. Matt doesn't take the bus yet, so I drive him back and forth to school. We have to keep him out of school that day, as I can't think of anyone that can pick him up and bring him home. A friend has said that she will watch Ashley and Matt, but she works until 3p, her daughter and Ashley are friends, and they are on the same bus, so she will get the girls and babysit until Frank gets home from work. Hopefully Frank parents will babysit Matt from about 11 to 3:45. My mom is having a breast biopsy 4 days earlier, and doesn't want to help me. So, I'll try one more friend, and maybe Matt can hang out with her, and she could maybe bring him home. If Franks parents, my friend fall through, guess I'll have to cancel. the OR is booked for monthes out, and it could be possibly 4 monthes from now. I'm praying Frank parents can hang out with Matt for a few hrs. Speaking of Matt, this is so cute: His aide and teachers have deceided that Matt should go in the main door to school just like all the other 2nd graders. He walks in with some kids from his class, and the aide walks behind him. This morning, I got to school before his aide, I parked, and brought he and Julia to the school sidewalk, waited for her. Soon 1 girl and 1 boy from his class, walked up to Matt, "c'mon Matt, come with us", he's walking in the middle of his friends, the aide and I are walking behind the kids, the little girl rests her head on Matts shoulder as they're walking, and he put his arm around her shoulder, so damn cute. Reminded me of those cute greeting cards with the kids pics in black and white. The aide and I looked at each other, "aww". So great to see Matt walking into the main door of school with his friends. He has been spending all day fully included in his 2nd grade class, except for pull out services. I'm so proud of him. I also requested that his current aide can move on with Matt to 3rd grade, she wants to, and so does Matt, and she will for 3rd grade, I'm happy about that. His aide this year has been great with him, and he knows what he can and not get away with, she really likes Matt too. As for Julia, this afternoon is her meeting for next yr school placement. We have all ready deceided what we want her plan to be, and ALL DAY!! Yesterday, I met with the Psychologist that was to administer Julias neuropsych test. He wanted input on her before that day. He asked a ton of questions, and than did a parent questionaire on your child. I guess I'm used to Julias behavior and delays, until I get questioned about them. After answering the Dr's questions on this test, I thought, Julia sounds like a 14-18m old mentally and physically. I asked him if that was qwhat he thought and he said yes. So since Julias is so significantly delayed, I can't have the test done with this Dr, as his tests are for kids 3yrs and up, mentally. He asked if Julia could do any testing as a 3 yrs old, "no, I don't". He said he will call around, speak with colleagues to see what can be done, and will call me in a few days. I also asked him about the social, people in her world, and her palce in the world paer of the test I answered, and he also felt that Julia most likely ahs autistic tendancies as well. I told him that her Psych Dr from the hospital said the same thing. The Dr I was speaking with asked me who her Psych Dr was, and I told him, he said he did his residency with Julias Psych Dr, small world. So for now, no neuropsych test in the works, until we find somone that administers testing to children 1 yrs and up. The Dr mentioned another Childrens Hospital about an hour away that does this. Ashley has a softball game this evening. The other night, I was standing with another mom, and Julia was in a stroller, Matt was sitting in a chair with our friends husband. We were standing at the edge of mulch in the driveway of the town housing apt bldg, as the field was right in front of it. This woman from the bldg walks over to us, and tells us "the older women from the bldg want to tell you that your trespassing, and if you even try to put chairs out, they will call the police" What, and she repeated herself, WTF! So we didn't open our seats. I called housing the next day, and the woman that I spoke, said I have no idea about this, I will find out who was sitting in the looby tues evening from 6-7:30 during your daughters softball, accept my apology, and it's completly acceptable to put out chairs where you were" Like Matt can stand for 90 mins, technically we were trespassing, but out in the middle of the driveway or being loud and obnoxious. Ashley will be making her First Communion this saturday, she will look so pretty.

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