Thursday, September 9, 2010

I was reading this blog from last year while in Ukraine, realized that I was strong there, getting julias medication back, dealing with all her withdrawls, the boredom when alone, only had the adoption worker-translator to speak English with and we weren't together alot, just a few hours a day. The only to rely upon was myself, as Frank and the kids were home 10 days before us. In order to get home: train from Kharkov to Kyiv, Kyiv to London, and the last leg was London to Boston. I was so determined to get home, ran through Airports to be right at the terminal, people who saw me probabaly thought i was insane, or a good runner while pushing Julia in a stroller at the same time. Even though more than a year has gone by, still so fresh, guess the whole process, what we saw, and did made such an impression on me, and us. All 3 kids are at school today, Julia started kindy in the morning, SPED in the afternoon. The 2 buses should be here at the same time, Ashley got on her bus fine, and waited in the driveway for the small bus to get here, kept looking at my watch, no bus, finally at 8:50, and the bus hasn't shown with school starting in 9 mins, packed them up in the van and drove them to school. Don't know what the prob was, not happy, as the past 2 morning, the bus has been very punctual. Poor Matt, he was sobbing, "the bus..the bus..need it..want it.." tears flowing. Felt bad for him, but he will take it home. Guess I should get a move on, despite the banshies being gone all day, have to be home around 3, that will fly by.

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