Friday, September 10, 2010

Today is Matts 8th birthday, can't believe it. I'll never forget the dreaded call from my OB-GYN Dr, "there is a possibility your baby could have DS" Than Matt was born with a heart defect called an AV Canal, when we found that out, DS took a back seat, we just didn't want Matt to die becasue of his heart. He had open heart surg at 2 monthes of age, and only weighed 9 lbs. God answered our prayers and helped guide the great cardiac surgeon, other Dr's, RN's, and other staff involved, and Matt made an amazing recovery, and was home in just 4 days. The baby with the dusky skin color was now a beautiful pink, not being exhausted just from a bottle. Fast forward, he has done remarkably well. He has the ability to make others around him happy and smile. He is loving, sweet, kind, nice, very outgoing, very charming, very funny, just an awesome kid who we thank God for. I love you Matt.

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