Friday, September 24, 2010

Matt had school open house last night. I was impressed with his teacher, she was previously a SPED teacher before teaching "typical" 3rd grade. I do know that a lot of kids with DS have gone through her class. She told me that Matt is an asset to the class, his job every morning is getting his classmates to stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, teacher said he also makes sure all the kids have their hand over their heart while saying this, or he will notice and tell the kids to do so. He is making friends, having good behavior (for the most part), participates willingly. So that was good to hear. Julia is still adjusting to the routine, have sporadic toddler tantrums, maybe a few "flop and drops" to the floor, trying to bolt, etc. I know every kids with DS is differant, their level of functioning, just like any child. When I look at Matt and Julia, and how their level of functioning is so differant. He is more like a typical 8 yr old, great expressive and receptive speech, good comprehension for an 8 yr old, carries on conversations, etc. Than I look at Julia, who physically resembles a 3-4 yr old, and she'll be 8 in Nov. I know somewhat about her life before us, know nothing about her birth mom while pregnant, labor/delivery, she was abandon shortly after being born, just left at the hospital, better than being left in the woods or a field. Transffered to the orphanage where she stayed until we came along, no love, negelected mentally, emotionally, physically, her brain being affected during her early years, poor vision. Sedated for a reason that is truly beyond me, for years. She is so tiny, despite having a big growth spurt after coming here last year. So significantly delayed, at nearly 8 yrs old, can't even get the concept of maybe coloring in the lines of a circle at school, just a little in the lines. I guess in the long run that won't really matter. As long as she can do the skills of getting dressed, bathing, personal hygeine,hopefully be using a toilet independantly one day, still in pull ups, no where near being toilet trained despite our best efforts, bathing, getting her basic needs of life met, and having some communication that will work too. She doesn't really need to learn alot about the world, just her world and how to get by in it. The things she has alot of trouble doing, we really take for granted. Off the soapbox.

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