Friday, September 17, 2010

Matt had a tough day 2 days ago at school. His aide was out in the morning, so he gave this a run for her money. Walking down the hall, and Matt darts into the boys room, and turns on all the water faucets. There aren't any men around to go in, didn't want to leave him alone, and finally coaxes him out. So than he says he didn't use the bathroom, he has to go to the SPED room or the RN office. He chooses the RN office, proceeds to lock himself in, turned on the water, soaked himself head to toe, flooded the floor, and finally came out. I read this in his school note. I was surprised no one even called me. His clothes came home in a bag soaked, and weighed about 10 lbs from the water. He was happy watching Everyone Loves Raymond on his DVD player, than I told him the deal, took away the DVD player, he lost his mind, sobbing screaming, not fun. Thurs was ok, except his ADHD behavior was rearing it's ugly head, we weaned him off the med he was on, and hoping to keep him med free. Yesterday was a good day at school for him, hope today is too. Oops, have to get the kids off the bus soon. Julia had a very good appt at Childrens today, will type about this after the Banshies are home.

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