Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Matt and Julia had ortho appts yesterday. Julia was her funky orthopedic self,. Matt has a history of bad knees, has had knee braces for years. He hasn't complained about knee pain for monthes, until he saw the Dr yesterday. His knee caps have taken forever to develop, they are the size of marbles currently. The Dr moved the knee caps over easily, Matt complained it hurt, the left one was worse, it slid way over, and popped up, all I said was "oh Matt, that hurt? Looked bad, like a marble that jumped up under the skin, looked painfull, he told the Dr it did hurt, but not as much as the right knee. Now he has knee tendonitits, Dr put Matt on restrictions of NO jumping NO squatting, NO kneeling, and get the knee braces again. I don't think signing him up for hockey for kids with special needs is a good idea at this time due to his knees., About 6 monthes ago, Dr thought that maybe we had crossed the hurdle of Matts knees getting better, and finally getting knee caps. The bigger and heavier he gets, there is a possibility of them getting worse and not being able to support him without pain. Tomorrow is Julias IEP meeting. I received some reports about her and school, limited attention span from OT, and her SPED teacher said she is hitting staff, and throwing her glasses. I wrote a long note asking about her behavior to her teacher and what they do in that event. She hits one of us at home, time out immediatly. The girls got their flu nasal spray this norning, Julia needs Ortho x rays tomorrow morning get her back to school. Fri: Ashley a yearly eye appt, and Frank will take Matt for his yearly thyroid lab. I can't control him anymore havibg labs done, he's strong, goes crazy, maybe he won't act up as much if dad is there.

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  1. Katie - thinking about you and Julia and praying for you!