Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Matt had his 8 yr check up today. He weighs 63 lbs, and is 4 ft tall. He will have his annual thyroid lab done by friday, it's always been normal, but sicne Matt has only grown 3/4" of an inch, do this ASAP. I really thought that Matt had a growth spurt, as he seems alot taller. Sicne taking him off the med he was on for behaviour issues/probs, now ADHD-impulsivity is rearing it's ugly head. I'll call Psych Dr and make an appt for Matt, he has one scheduled for Feb. but don't think we'll make it that long. There was a pretty med student in with the Pediatrician, so Matt went into ultra show off mode, was somewhat annoying. I totally forgot about Matts heart murmur, the dr felt was mild, but could still hear it. Frank rememebers the Cardiologist mentioning this years ago. Doesn't seem to bother him, so move on. On to a meeting with matts SPED teacher and his aide. Told me how well he's doing in 3rd grade, modeling after the kids in his class, just being fidgety. He acts up more in the SPED classrm and tries major avoidance tactics for the class work. It was a good meeting. I than went to Franks job and we had lunch together, than returned Ashleys shirt for a larger size, to Whole Foods and get Matt GF food, home, put out Sophie, sweet black lab mutt. Got the kids off the bus, and here I am enjoying a very warm 83 degree last day of summer in late Sept. I also talked to the Pedi about Julias thyroid and it has been elevated, her excessive need to drink water, lemonade, juice and urinating alot, her labs have to be repeated soon, and check for a genetic iron disorder. Bringing the kids out for a walk before homework starts.

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